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100% natural

Lovely concoctions to soothe, relax and revitalise you.!

100% natural - no additives or artificial fragrances. No parabens or sulfates.

All of our products use natural ingredients and natural essential oils.

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Our unique Bath bags…..

Always have good intentions but find something missing? We have it wrapped up for you at a realistic price.

Great combinations of base, flowers, leaves, essential oils for your well-being!

Our bath bags are what they are……. Natural contents to help soothe, relax or rejuvenate…………… all wrapped up in a muslin cloth.

Swoosh round your bath water when you feel like a treat or therapy. Use the bag to wash yourself. Re-use the cloth again and again!

Angel Spa
Foot Bath bags…..

Like our bath bags our foot bath bags are what they are too! Natural contents to help soothe, freshen and revive your tootsies! All wrapped up in a mini muslin cloth….

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We are currently updating our site with our new products! Currently Bath Bags are able to be bought from the site but please bear with us for our exciting new range!!